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You brush...but do you FLOSS?

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So you brush twice a day, or even THREE TIMES a day…then you visit the dentist and STILL get told you have tooth decay or gum disease?


If you haven't seen our brushing techniques video, make sure to watch it here.


Even if you have your brushing technique on point, only approximately 60% of your tooth gets cleaned! This means there’s almost half the tooth still covered with food and bacteria - hello bad breath, hello gum disease and tooth decay =(


Many people eventually figure out they should give flossing a go…but the technique is super fiddly, and the gums often hurt or bleed while you do it. This puts everyone off from doing it until they next visit the dentist!


Remember, if you are using the right technique, healthy gums don’t hurt or bleed when you floss.


So learn the technique off this video, and floss away~ the discomfort and bleeding should reduce as you floss more. If it doesn’t, you should probably check in with your dentist as you may have a more severe form of gum disease called periodontitis!




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You brush...but do you FLOSS?