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Wearing a MASK? Watch this FIRST!


You must watch this before heading out with a mask!


Masks are designed to reduce the risk of you catching diseases, but using it wrongly would actually INCREASE the risk of you catching something! Crazy right?


In this video, we will be showing you how to put on a mask, as well as all the things you must NOT do.


COVID or not, the team at Berwick Dental Studio uses masks EVERYDAY, so we consider ourselves a bit of an expert on how to use them correctly.


Lets’ start with some basics:

- Masks typically have either ear loops or straps to tie behind your head, today we’re demonstrating the most common ear loop type masks.

- The side they are attached to should be facing the OUTSIDE.

- You should be able to feel a bendable metal strip along one of the edges, this side needs to be up.


Bacteria and viruses floating around in the air will get stuck to the mask, so if you touch the mask with your hands, the germs will move onto your hands, ready to be passed on to others, or onto yourself!


To stop this from happening, you must always wash or sanitise your hands before AND after handling a mask. 


We’ve got this other video that shows you how to wash your hands like a pro!


Lets get this mask on! 

When you take out a brand new mask with those clean hands, the first thing I like to do is to pre-shape the nose-bit.

This makes adapting the mask to your nose and creating a good seal very easy. A poor seal will not effectively stop germs, and if you wear glasses, this will fog up your glasses.


First we fold the mask in half, giving it a pinch right down the middle.


Then I bend the sides back up, roughly at the width of my nose. You’ll get better at estimating this after a few times. Finally, I bend the sides down near the end of the metal strip, this curves the mask around my cheeks for the best fit.


Masks should always be put on and taken off by the earloops, because this is the part that catches the least germs.


Facing the mask away from you, put all your finger and thumb through each loop from underneath, stretching it out slightly.


Bring the mask up to your face, cup both ears with your finger tips, and let the ear loops slip onto your ears.


Pinch around the nose to for a better fit, then holding the top part still, pull the lower edge of the mask down under your chin.


Your mouth AND nose needs to be fully covered for it to actually protect you! 

Now the mask is on beautifully. Sanitise your hands and you are ready to head out.


When the mask needs to come off for food and exercise, sanitise your hands first, always grab it by the earloops, and leave the mask in a designated spot…NOT in your pockets! Otherwise all the germs ends up all over your pockets, and onto anything you put into those pockets after.


Ok recap time:

Always wash or sanitise your hands before and after touching your mask.

Masks only do what they’re supposed to do when its well adapted and covers both your nose and mouth

Always handle masks using the earloops, and leave it in a designated area when you take it off.

Hope you got some good tips out of this video, use them well, pass on the knowledge, subscribe to our channel to see more videos like this in the future.



Wearing a MASK? Watch this FIRST!