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Tooth Decay

Well it never hurt so why should I fix it?

Bacteria in your mouth produces acids which attacks your teeth. This damage happens on any surface of your teeth, in the grooves, near the gums and in between teeth. Depending on diet and oral hygiene, this could progress slowly or very quickly.

Pain and sensitivity generally doesn’t start until the decay gets very close to the nerve. At this point there’s a very small window of time left to fix it before the nerve becomes infected. Something easily fixed previously will now require an expensive root canal treatment or losing the tooth.

We only use the highest quality composite resin and porcelain materials to craft our fillings and dental crowns. Our composite resins are made in Japan, while porcelain crowns and veneers are made by master ceramists right here in Australia.

Don’t let a busy lifestyle or fear of the dentist turn into regret!

Not only do we have very accommodating appointment times to suit our patient’s needs.

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