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Smile Gallery

People often put up with "smiles" they're not happy with because they THINK the condition of their teeth are beyond saving.

Some have been to dentists where they've been TOLD there's not much they can do.

In many of these cases, we have been able to provide customised solutions to suit their smile goals and their budget!


Let our results do the talking, here are some of the exciting transformations we have created:

Using Invisalign, we managed to improve this smile by straightening up the teeth to make them appear more even; have less gums showing; and widening the jaw to give a bigger, fuller smile!


This teenager wanted to straighten their teeth with Invisalign, because she didn't want to deal with food getting stuck around braces.

Before coming to us, they were told by a few other dentists that Invisalign isn't going to work for their case.

It wasn't an easy Invisalign treatment, but over the course of 18 months, we managed to deliver this smile transformation!



This patient is an successful professional who had recently gotten some "composite bonding" done elsewhere but wasn't at all happy with the result. 

The goal was to get even looking teeth, in colour, shape and size, then widen the originally triangular shaped teeth to make the smile bigger and more confident.

After a thorough discussion and smile design, we settled for a combination of 6 porcelain crowns, bridge and veneers to deliver the results.


This patient is an aspiring young dancer who performs both in Australia and internationally.

To fix the narrow smile, crowded teeth and the canine tooth which is sitting too high, we opted for Invisalign. This allowed us to get the treatment done discreetly, without affecting any dance performances!

We achieved this fantastic result in less than 2 years.

Some transformations are life changing. This patient never smiled. They never liked their teeth...never liked the dentist either, so everything slowly deteriorated. 

When finally enough was enough, there wasn't enough top teeth left to save.

Fortunately, this patient liked us enough to let us help them out!

At this point, we were really looking at a full mouth implant supported option or a full denture.

This patient opted for a top full denture, beautifully crafted by our Denture Expert Oleg.

What a change it has made!

This patient didn't like the shape and colour of her teeth, but didn't have much time before her wedding.

We decided that porcelain veneers were the only option to significantly improve her smile given the tight time line.

Now that's a smile she deserve for the big day!

When we look at putting together a new smile, it’s not just about straight teeth or following numbers on a text book.

We understand that different smile designs suit different personalities, different faces and different ethnicity, one size fits all is a thinking only fit for history books.

Using Invisalign, not only did we make the teeth straighter, we also made the back teeth more visible.

This makes the smile appear bigger, fuller and more confident!

This patient had very worn and broken down teeth due to severe teeth grinding and a bad bite.

He was also unhappy with how yellow his teeth were and really wanted a significant change.

We straightened his teeth for 5 months to get them into the most ideal location, and then finished with 8 porcelain veneers.


This patient was missing a few teeth, what was left was broken down and stopped her from smiling.

We did porcelain crowns and veneers to fix the existing teeth, dental bridges to replace the missing ones and some fillings to cover up the small decayed spots.

In this case, the patient chose not to replace the middle left side tooth, that's why it still has a dark outline, despite the filling used to cover the dark discoloured area.

This patient has always been unhappy with the colour, shape and size of her teeth.

With the help of some porcelain veneers made by our ceramist, she's smiling more brilliantly than ever!


This patient wasn't happy with her smaller teeth next to the middle ones, she also didn't want to go through the process of braces.

We placed 4 porcelain veneers on her upper front 4 middle teeth.

This patient recently had her 2 top front teeth "fixed" at another dental practice, but wasn't too happy with the results.

They looked dark, and the rough edges picked up lots of yellow stains and plaque.

We removed the "old" fillings, placed new and properly colour matched white fillings. Then we polished it to perfection so it blends in seamlessly.

Now she can smile confidently again!


This patient was told somewhere else that Invisalign wouldn't work for him, because he had too much crowding.

We started Invisalign treatment for him, check out the progress with only 5 MONTHS of treatment!

At this point he is just under halfway through his Invisalign and we will continue on to get everything spot on.

This patient's main complaint was that her smile was too narrow, making her two front teeth look bucky.

We finished her Invisalign treatment within 18 months, then did some teeth whitening to finish off her new smile.

What a difference that made!

This 8 year old has something called a "cross bite", it's when the top jaw is too narrow, causing the bite to be uneven.

Narrow jaw will result in crowded and crooked teeth, increased teeth wear and premature tooth loss.

We did some preventative orthodontic work to grow his top jaw wider and it was all done in 3 months!

Now there's a very good chance his teeth will naturally grow to be fairly straight, likely avoiding braces later on.