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Kids Dentist

They’re only baby teeth, don’t we lose them eventually anyway?

That might be true, but majority of a child’s baby teeth aren’t lost naturally until the age of 12 or 13.

If tooth decay isn’t treated early, it quickly starts to cause pain and infection. Not only does this affect eating, the infection can also affect formation of the upcoming adult teeth.

Baby teeth also act as guides to help the adult back molar teeth grow into the correct spot. Losing these teeth earlier than they are due can increase overcrowding of teeth and cause uneven bite between the left and right sides.

The resulting uneven smiles often affect the child’s self-confidence, the way they behave in front of the camera and among family and friends. This also leads to a lengthier, more uncomfortable, more expensive orthodontic treatment later.

You or someone you know may have had teeth removed to create space for braces.  But did you know with early detection and modern interceptive treatment, majority of these teeth wouldn’t have needed to come out?

We can help your child start on the right path and always be a step ahead!


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