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Invisalign and Braces

“I don’t smile in photos”
“I have always hated my teeth”

Why is having a beautiful smile with straight teeth so important?


Confidence is one of the most important attributes in successful people.

At school, kids who are most confident in sports are selected for school team and children who are confident in performing joins the school theatre production.

When job seeking, having a winning smile can make a lasting first impression during job interview. Insecurities about your teeth during job interviews may be interpreted as lack of confidence and interpersonal skills crucial to successful business meetings.

In life, a person with healthy and straight teeth are more likely to be viewed as happy, fun and someone who looks after themselves. Research shows it is much easier to score a first date on a dating site with straight teeth and then a second date after.



Keeping your teeth and gum clean is so much easier when you have straight teeth! Crowded and crooked teeth traps bacteria, causing cavities/tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.

Bite problems can cause damage to teeth, including: worn down teeth, broken teeth and fillings, nerve damage, headaches, jaw pains and even split tooth.


How can I straighten my teeth?


What can Braces fix?

Braces can give you the straight and healthy smile you desire by using wires and brackets to naturally move teeth into the right position. It is especially effective to treat complex alignment and bite issues.

Overlapping and crooked teeth due to lack of space.
This is the main reason people often seek straightening!
Increases bacteria trapping and difficult to clean.


When the top teeth are too far in front of the lower teeth.
Bottom lip sometimes get caught under front teeth. Higher risk of teeth wearing down, jaw pain, headaches and breathing problems.


Upper teeth overlap the bottom teeth.
Bottom teeth sometimes bites into the gums above.
Teeth will wear down quicker, face will look shorter and older.


Top jaw too narrow to match the bottom jaw properly.
Smile looks very narrow and unconfident.
Causes lots of uneven teeth wear, jaw joint issues from being loaded unevenly. 


Anterior crossbite or Underbite:
Lower front teeth further forward than upper one.
Could involve single tooth (anterior crossbite) or even the whole jaw (underbite).
Unable to bite through foods with front teeth.


Gaps between many teeth.
Teeth often looking very small.


Gap between the two upper front teeth.
Some people love it, some people hate it.
Famously seen on Madonna and Lara Stone.


Impacted tooth:
Teeth which are unable to erupt properly.
Due to either teeth coming through on too much of an angle, or not enough space for teeth to fit.


Missing tooth:
Gaps in the smile where teeth are missing.
Teeth may not have grown in the first place, or were lost due to trauma/damage.


Upper teeth do not meet the lower teeth.
Could be due to thumb sucking, tongue thrusting.



When is the right age to start braces?

Some tooth alignment or bite issue can be complex to treat in adulthood but can be fixed easily with early intervention. When kids are growing, their jaws are easily modified to create a good balance. This gives us an opportunity to avoid needing invasive treatments later on, such as teeth extractions for overcrowding or jaw surgery. Interceptive orthodontics normally happens between age 7 to 12.

At Berwick Dental Studio, our dentists are trained to diagnose orthodontic problems EARLY. All our kid patients get an orthodontic assessment during their routine 6 monthly check up. Parents will be given our professional advice, treatment options and the most efficient timing to start. Applying the correct treatment at the right time can correct bite in as little as 3 months! 


For a lifetime of confidence, good oral health and success, book a free braces consultation today!


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