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Playing contact sports?


Everyone knows mouthguards protect the teeth from impact, but did you know about the other 4 major functions?

Check out the picture below to learn more!

In order for mouthguards to actually protect you, it needs to fit properly and be made from the right materials!


A quick search on google will tell you why buying a mouthguard from the chemist is simply not a good idea:

- Uncomfortable due to poor fit and unecessary bulk

- Annoying, as it doesn't stay in place

- Not enough protection as the thickness is often inadequate in the important places

- Poor quality materials not lasting as long

Berwick Dental Studio makes high quality custom mouthguards for adult and kids out of professional grade materials, good enough all the way up to pro and competitive levels


Many private health insurances will cover a portion of the costs, making the out of pocket cost not much more than that of a chemist mouthguard! We can provide a complimentary benefits quote when you come in.


Don’t play sports without one!