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How to brush your teeth like a PRO!

How confident are you with your tooth brushing technique?


Many patients brush 2, 3, even up to 5 times per day and STILL have teeth which are not clean...


A poor clean leaves plaque (bacteria) on your teeth. This bacteria feeds on the foods that are also stuck to your teeth and causes tooth decay and gum disease.


If you actually put in all that effort brushing 2 minutes, twice per DESERVE a good result.


Our Oral Health Therapist Frohar (read: teeth maintenance expert) is here to show you the technique SHE uses on a daily basis. Play the video with a toothbrush in hand and follow along!


There's going to be a separate video coming up for electric tooth brushes, as the technique is quite different!


We also discuss some common mistakes that happen when brushing:

1. You only clean where the brush actually reaches, so if you miss a spot, it won't be clean!


2. Harder brushes are NOT better, in fact, they're WORSE! They can cause damage to your tooth and gums. Go with a soft one and invest in good technique!


3. There is such thing as brushing too hard! Same reason as number 2 above. If your brush bristles starts looking a bit tired in anything less than THREE months time, you are brushing too hard. (this is also when you should get a new brush).


4. Most tooth brushes you find in the supermarkets have heads which are MUCH TOO BIG. Go with a smaller brush head, because it's much easier to get into all the tight spaces for a thorough clean.




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How to brush your teeth like a PRO!