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Dentistry is BACK!


Due to all the good work Australians have been doing, restrictions on Dentistry has been eased down to level 2!


While there are still some things we cannot do, the eased restrictions means we can actually do what we do best: help you in a preventative manner, rather than being forced to wait till pain happens before we are legally allowed to help you!


So if your plans to get your smile back on track had been put on hold due to COVID, or if you simply want to get going on things like teeth straightening or whitening...we can now help you!


The thing is, most teeth related problems don't hurt until it's very severe. During these past few weeks, we have lost count of the number of teeth we had to take out, as they were too damaged to be saved.


We will still be carrying out our usual high standards of infection control and screening to keep everyone safe.


So if you are ready to come out from this COVID situation, give us a call on 03 9002 4060 so we can help you!


Also, if you know anyone who might benefit from dentists who are comprehensive and experts in dealing with dental anxiety, feel free to pass on our information.




We can be contacted on: 

03 9002 4060




Dentistry is BACK!