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Are you washing your hands CORRECTLY?!?!



With more people getting into the habit of washing their hands, lots of people we've talked to said they are now washing their hands more times in 1 day than they used to in a whole week!


The thing is, the type of soap you use isn't the most important part. Rather, it is your hand washing technique. Because wherever the soap doesn't reach, isn't going to be clean!


We're going to show you our technique, which is also the World Health Organisation's recommended technique for a good 20 second hand washing process.


Washing your hands a lot does lead to dry, itchy and irritated skin, there are 4 simple things to combat that:


1. If your hands are not visibly soiled, then use hand sanitiser instead of soap, following all the hand washing motions we have demonstrated


2. Wash your hands with cold water. Yes, it may be unpleasant in winter, but it doesn't have to be freezing cold. Just remember, the warmer the water, the more it dries your hands out


3. Most hand washes and soaps on the supermarket shelves have a high pH, this has a drying effect on the skin. Try use a hand wash with balanced pH


4. Apply moisturiser to your hands after washing. Keep a bottle of moisturiser in a clean place, that you only touch with clean hands


Feel free to share this video with your friends and family, so they can stay safe and healthy too.




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Are you washing your hands CORRECTLY?!?!