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Bleeding Gums and Loose Teeth

Gums looking red, swollen, bleeding when you brush? Teeth getting longer and feeling loose?

You could have gum disease!

It all starts with poor cleaning, this is brushing AND flossing AND lack of professional cleaning.

Bacteria on your teeth is called plaque.

Plaque irritates the gums, causing them to turn red and swollen.

This is called Gingivitis. Still totally reversible with a professional clean, then you can stop it coming back by improving brushing AND flossing.

Progressing from gingivitis, next comes gum recession.

This is now permanent irreversible damage, called Periodontitis.

Bone and gums don’t just hold your teeth in your jaw, they also cover the very sensitive part of your tooth called the root.

Deep cleaning can halt the disease, but bone and gums that have been lost will never grow back again.

Now everything looks worse, hurts when eating hot and cold foods and moves.

Gum disease progresses especially fast if you smoke, is diabetic or pregnant.

As it is caused by bacteria, you can catch it from your partner!

If this sounds like you or someone you love, it’s time to act.


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